Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship provides a format where you can choose from an ever-changing menu of classes that will enrich your walk with the Lord. These classes focus on studies in particular books of the Bible or pertinent issues for a Christian world view. In these smaller settings you will have opportunity to meet new people regularly and opportunity to minister to others in prayer and encouragement. ABF is where everyone can find a platform for using their spiritual gifts for the good of the entire community.


Third Quarter 2018

Hymn History - Peter Anglea (Rooms H & I)

Hear the stories behind many of our great hymns. Learn the characteristics of hymns that are singable and bring glory to God.

Lessons from the Puritans -  Jerry Priest (Rooms B & C)

The Puritans were not people who wore funny black hats and didn't fit in. They were quite normal people except that they loved God supremely. Learn what they teach us.

Daniel - Lester Stephenson (Room G)

This intriguing book is full of promises that God has yet to fulfill. This study will prepare the student well for the study in Revelation offered in the fourth quarter.

ABF 2018