Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship provides a format where you can choose from an ever-changing menu of classes that will enrich your walk with the Lord. These classes focus on studies in particular books of the Bible or pertinent issues for a Christian world view. In these smaller settings you will have opportunity to meet new people regularly and opportunity to minister to others in prayer and encouragement. ABF is where everyone can find a platform for using their spiritual gifts for the good of the entire community.


Second Quarter 2017

Impact of the Reformation - Dr. Jerry Priest (Auditorium)

This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Learn how this movement changed history and how it still impacts Christianity and the world centuries later.

Creationism (Part 2) - Pastor David Whitcomb (Rooms H/I)

This is the second part of the video series on creation by Ken Ham. In this forum, we will learn how evidence proves God's creative acts- a topic which often generates lively discussion. 

Exodus - Pastor Cameron Pollock (Room G)

Though God delivered his nation of Israel from Egypt nearly 3,500 years ago, we still benefit from this salvation story today. Learn why the book of Exodus is still relevant for 21st century Christians. 

ABF 2017