Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship provides a format where you can choose from an ever-changing menu of classes that will enrich your walk with the Lord. These classes focus on studies in particular books of the Bible or pertinent issues for a Christian world view. In these smaller settings you will have opportunity to meet new people regularly and opportunity to minister to others in prayer and encouragement. ABF is where everyone can find a platform for using their spiritual gifts for the good of the entire community.


Second Quarter 2018

Galatians - Craig Sherban (Auditorium)

How is God’s grace revealed in Jesus Christ superior to the law? In this class you will learn the relationship between law and grace.

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church - Pastor Andrew Lee (Rooms H & I)

God has graciously sent revivals to the American culture at various times in our history. Learn when these revivals came and what were the enduring results of them.

This Is Community - Pastor David Whitcomb (Room G)

This class is for anyone who is contemplating church membership here at Community.

College - Nathan Doucette (Rooms B/C)

All students college-age are welcome to attend this class for quality Bible teaching and encouraging fellowship.

ABF 2018