Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship provides a format where you can choose from an ever-changing menu of classes that will enrich your walk with the Lord. These classes focus on studies in particular books of the Bible or pertinent issues for a Christian world view. In these smaller settings you will have opportunity to meet new people regularly and opportunity to minister to others in prayer and encouragement. ABF is where everyone can find a platform for using their spiritual gifts for the good of the entire community.


First Quarter 2017

Peter's Letters - Dr. Ken Frederick (Room G)

Peter wrote to believers who were suffering simply because they were Christians. His two letters are filled with evidences of his growth as a disciple so that we too may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Marriage and Family - Pastor David Whitcomb (Rooms H/I)

Maintaining a marriage and family that honors God is a challenge in a sinful world. The Bible gives plenty of instruction to guide us toward establishing solid families.

The Exchange - Pastor Cameron Pollock (Auditorium)

Do you ever wonder how to open a conversation for the gospel? This class will teach principles about the importance of sharing the Good News and will explain practical methods for sharing the gospel.

ABF 2017