A first time visitor to Community should easily discover that the Bible is central to the ministry here. It is not that we talk about the Bible, or mention it in passing, or even that we preach about it. Because we believe that the Bible is the God-breathed (inspired) Word and that God has preserved it for our instruction, we are careful to preach what the Bible says--verse by verse, book by book. While there are times when we will undertake the study of a particular topic, even then we endeavor to unfold a particular text that deals with the topic. We believe that God gave us the Bible to show us our need for the Savior from sin, Jesus Christ, and then to teach us to live in a way that exalts Him and points others to Him. Therefore, whether it is a children’s class, a teen class, an Adult Bible Fellowship class, or a regular preaching service, you will find that unfolding the text of the Bible and showing how it is relevant to life is our passion.

Sermon Notes


From Fear to Faith - Dan Wolsieffer

Love the Lord; Keep His Rules; Consider His Discipline - David Whitcomb

Son of Adam; Son of Gog - David Whitcomb

It's a Matter of the Heart - David Whitcomb

Crying in the Wilderness - David Whitcomb

As Though In Prison - David Whitcomb

Our Declaration of Dependence - David Whitcomb

The Son Came to do the Fathers Work - David Whitcomb

Evidence of God's Grace - David Whitcomb

What is a Father To Do? - David Whitcomb

Praying for Those Who Turn Aside - David Whitcomb

Not by Works of Righteousness - David Whitcomb

Frightening News of Great Joy - David Whitcomb

The Family of God - David Whitcomb

Good News of Great Joy - David Whitcomb

Remember - David Whitcomb

Humble Birth of the King of Kings - David Whitcomb

Unique Command for Unique People - David Whitcomb

Promise of the Forerunner Fulfilled - David Whitcomb

The Great Command - David Whitcomb

Mom's Teaching is the Product of Mom's Life - David Whitcomb

No Greater Theme - Cameron Pollock

My Soul Magnifies the Lord - David Whitcomb

The Heartbeat of Ministry - Cameron Pollock

Run the Race - Dr. Bruce McAllister

Response to God's Glory - David Whitcomb

Good News! Mary Found Favor with God - David Whitcomb

Ten Statements That Reveal God's Character - David Whitcomb

The Promised Forerunner of Christ - David Whitcomb

Great Gain from Great Loss - David Whitcomb