Worship Through Music

In our worship we seek to exalt God and operate under the lordship of Christ; and music is an integral part of biblical corporate worship here at Community. We strive to follow the fully sufficient Word of God and allow its principles, examples and directives to exert active control over the use of music any time we gather for worship. Only when our musical offerings are scripturally accurate, unique, excellent and from sincere hearts will God be fully glorified in them.

We as God’s people are the participants and God Himself is our audience. Therefore congregational participation is central to the music used  in our worship services. The vibrant, joyful and thoughtful congregational singing of songs, hymns and spiritual songs makes up the core of our musical worship. Soloists, ensembles, choirs and orchestra from the congregation serve God and the gathered church at Community both vocally and instrumentally.

Fully dependent on the Holy Spirit to strengthen and a purify our hearts to worship God alone we strive to present musical service to God that is well prepared, joyful, intelligible and authentic. 

Set Free

Holy Sovereign Lord