Welcome to West Greer

We're mostly known for BMW, but there are other great things to do around town.

Century Park

"Kids Planet is a wonderful recreation spot for all ages.  It has two awesome playstructures surrounded by wooden picnic areas, pavillions, and a paved walking track.  It was built through a huge outpouring of love by the community for the children of Greer and the Upstate."

Lake Robinson

"One component to the design of the Lake Robinson habitat was the Carolina Fence built surrounding the lake. The fence uses basic elements, both cultural and natural, that have been designated as a symbol of our state. The concept involves a split rail fence as the primary structure supporting Carolina Jessamine vines. This evergreen vine, indigenous throughout South Carolina and the state flower, has long been celebrated for its vibrant yellow flowers in March. In addition, the fragrant flowers are a first annual source of nectar to many native insects."


"Hollywild Animal Park is committed to providing an interactive and enlightening experience for our visitors, as we continually improve the lives of our animals in an enriching and respectful environment."

Suber's Corn Mill

"Suber’s Corn Mill is just one of a handful of grist mills still operating in South Carolina. Located in Greer on Suber’s Mill Road, just a short drive from downtown Greenville, Suber’s rests on the slope of a hardwoods-covered hill in the Upcountry. Water from a holding pond above pours down a wooden chute and spills onto the paddles of a large vertical wheel, keeping it in a steady, rhythmic spin. Driven by a wheel, gears, pulleys and shafts turn slowly inside the wooden building. Shelled corn is fed into a chute on top and gravity sends it tumbling to the crushing millstones below. One floor down, the fine white powder emerges where it is bagged and stacked for sale. This mill, built circa 1908, still grinds corn using water power."