Ministry Groups

On a biweekly basis small ministry groups meet during the Wednesday prayer service for personal fellowship, reflection on things learned in God's Word that week, and engagement in the very important matter of sharing one another's burdens and praising God for His answers to our prayers.  These sessions have become an integral part of fostering unity in Christ within our assembly.

What People Are Saying

"Small group has not only given me the opportunity to know each other better, but the ability to openly share each other's burdens. Its ok to not be ok all the time! I've seen our group grow closer and support each other through tough times.  I've always come away with a better understanding or unique perspective on a subject after our discussions.  Small group has given me a practical way to bear one another's burdens."
"One of the greatest blessings of small groups comes from hearing others share what they are reading in the Word. Time after time, what they share is just what I need that day. Small groups are just common people without a lot of flare, but regularly we are challenged to continue to be faithful to God in daily trials. Being a younger member in my small group means I received a lot of seasoned advice from many people who have "been there" many times. The seasoned folks have enjoyed the blessing of ministering to the younger folks."
"Small groups have been such a blessing to our church body!  Unlike any other opportunity, we are placed with individuals from different backgrounds and ages and have to submit our presuppositions and biases to the reality of what God is doing in someone's life.  Knowing a person's call to Christ and their current walk with Him, opens the eyes of everyone in the small group to the true reality of how we can best minister to each other.  The Body of Christ is diverse!  Watching this unfold on a weekly basis produces empathy, sympathy, celebration and walking alongside one another in true Koinonia."